Andreas Møgelmose
The glory of great men should always be measured by the means they have used to acquire it.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld


Hi, I'm Andreas, a Post Doc doing computer vision at Aalborg University. Among many other things, I'm interested in traffic safety systems, including pedestrian detection, re-identification, path prediction, and traffic sign detection. Apart from working in the Visual Analysis of People Lab at Aalborg University, I collaborate closely with Laboratory for Safe and Intelligent Automobiles (LISA) at UC San Diego, California, where I have had a couple of research stays.

There's not much content on this page, but feel free to look around. What is here is an incoherent mess of professional things and private stuff, some of it in English, some in Danish.

In my spare time, my big project is The Acrux Expedition, in which my girlfriend and I will travel through Africa on motorcycles, beginning in mid-2016. Visit our Acrux blog, where we detail the preparations, and eventually the trip. I like to take pictures, so you can also have a look at my much neglected photoblog. If you know Danish, you might find interest in my old blog, which chronicles my first stay in California.

Who knows, maybe at some point I'll get around to adding some actual content on this page. Until then, you can always entertain yourself with my LinkedIn profile to figure out more about what I do.

Stuff (mostly in danish)